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JK to MOTS Level Conversion
A long  time ago  when MOTS  first came  out, many  (including myself)
wanted  to  play  the  existing  Jedi  Knight  levels   with the  new force
powers  and  weapons.   Shortly  after  the  release   of  MOTS  a   level
conversion  was  put  out  by  some  author  and   many  of  us  have it.
However,  I  was  greatly  disappointed  to  see  the   many  errors  and
lockups  the  conversion  had.   Oasis  had  no   columns,  Nar  Shaddaa
Loading Terminal  cogs locked  up the  game, etc...   The author almost
did it right but lacked some  things in his levels that are needed by the
game of MOTS to make it work  correctly.  He also made the mistake of
gobbing all  the textures  and 3DOs  needed into  the same  level GOB.
This may seem like it works,  but it  is a bad idea and causes the game
executable to look in the last place possible for the missing files, which
is in the episode directory  (BTW, the JK executable won't look there at
all if you are  into conversions.)   With this new  conversion done by me
(aka MarkoRamius)  all bugs  and lockups  have been  fixed! Along with
that, I thought it was totally pointless  to do a straight conversion, so I
added the  new guns,  converted the  light surges  to dark surges   (the
only ones  used in  MOTS,) removed  all traces  of supershields (hehe, I
hate them!) and fixed the river  in Battleground Jedi.  Did you know the
river is supposed to flow??   OOPS, Lucas! 
Click here to download the conversion!
(Approximate filesize:   1.5MB)
How to Install the Levels
            1.  Unzip jkmp2.Goo into the MOTS\episode directory.
            2.  Unzip jkres.Goo into the MOTS\resource directory.
That's It!