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How to Install the Utility

       Previous versions of JK Kicker Helper earlier than version 2.00 did not come with a setup utility.  If you have a previous version installed, you may want to manually delete it from your hard drive and start fresh.  Old snapshot files from versions earlier than 2.00 are not compatible with versions later than 2.00, so there is nothing that should remain.  Starting with version 2.00, an InstallShield® setup will guide you through the installation process, making setting up JK Kicker Helper easier than ever.  Icons will automatically be placed in a group on your start menu, wherever you chose to have them.   Uninstalling the program can be done by accessing the Add/Remove Programs icon on your Windows 95 control panel.  Just double click Add/Remove Programs, select JK Kicker Helper in the window and click the Add/Remove button.

Snapshots you created for version 2.00 are compatible with 2.01, so there is no need to remake them.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 95
Pentium 133+
16 megs RAM
Internet Explorer 3.02+

If you can play JK multiplayer over the Internet Gaming Zone, you
should have no trouble at all running this program.

Step by Step Instructions

1.   Unzip the contents of into a directory
of your choice.

2.   Using Windows Explorer, go to the directory you
      unzipped the files to and double click setup.exe.

3.   Follow the instructions and prompts in the setup

4.   Remove the setup files and place in a
backup directory for safe keeping.