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About the Kicker Helper

What the Utility Does
With the click of a couple buttons, a hacker with an "ASCII" name will be renamed instantly either with the name "2", "3", "4"...  With this new name it is a snap to kick them from your game.  The change is immediate and if you pull up the player list you will notice the change in Jedi Knight.  Everyone will be able to see the change once done.  Make no mistake who you rename or you may lose people from your game if they get upset.  A variety of hacks are also prevented with the click of a few simple buttons.
What the Utility Will Not Do
Players with the utility other than the host may try to rename someone, however, all name updates come from the host within a game of Jedi.  Players other than host attempting to rename may see the change briefly in their own game, but it will be rewritten by the host's update.  In other words, only the host can rename people permanently.  The Anti-Hacks have been specially designed to allow normal gameplay.  Use of the anti-hacks will be invisible to all but cheaters.
Release Notes
What's new in 2.01
- Improved the webpage history pulldown on the browser window.
- Fixed a bug with the "To Number!" buttons that caused names to
  appear in the wrong boxes.
- Changed the address box on the browser window to display the
  currently viewed webpage address.
- Auto-Protection against Fade and Delete now updates the status
  without need to refresh the window twice.
What's new in 2.00
- New InstallShield® setup making Installation and Uninstallation
  easier than ever.
- Hackers can now be renamed to what a user wishes as well as by
- Automatic JK version detection.
- Automatic Fade/Delete protection.
- Improved feedback to the user.
- Mysteries of the Sith snapshots included.
- An easy to use Windows Help file.
- A web browser control to surf the Net and the Internet Gaming Zone.
- Ability to launch the Zone right from the program.
- Build Hacks removed with level restoration.
- Level Texture Hacks removed with level restoration.
What's new in 1.04
- Beta release for new anti-hacks only given to MERC clan members.
What's new in 1.03
- Provided support for Mysteries of the Sith 
- Added Anti-Hack functionality 
- Redesigned the interface
What's new in 1.02
- Provided support for the new patched version of Jedi Knight (V1.01) 
- Added support for 8 players
What's new in 1.01
- Fixed a problem of resizable windows and eliminated maximize button on main window and help window