Medal of Honour
Name: Revon Talish
AKA: NJoA_Pyro, ORJ_Frost_
Zone Name: ORJ_Revon
Character Age: 24
Skin: RangoTan
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Orange, Violet
Born/from: Tattooine
Personality: Funny, Serious, Questioning
Fighting Style: Force User, Defensive
Fav. JK Fighting Grounds: Saberdome Minimus,
Valley of the Jedi Tower
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds: N/A
Quote: ďA lightsaber in the hands of a novice is more hurtful
to themselves than to their opponent, but in the hands of a Jedi it is like an artistís brush, elegant and graceful.Ē

Instant Messenger:
Homepage: None


Revon Talish grew up on Tattooine he lived there for about 6 years working in the hands of a slave.  He would do dirty work for his master, and his mother also was a slave. They lived in a little hut with 3 rooms; A dining room, his room and his mother's. 
Then one day after working with his master, Revon came home to see his house in a riot.  He then walked inside and found that his mother was missing and that noone was there.  Revon then fell to the floor crying with tears when a man in a cloak approached him.  This man was Corran Lightstaff,  Founder of the New Jedi of Avalon.  Corran then took Revon with him to the planet of Avalon and there Revon found his ability with the Force. 

Revon then started to train little by little, lifting stones at first with his mind, then boulders, and he started to learn the true power of the Force.  Corran then said to him that Revon had proven himself worthy of being an Acolyte in NJoA.  He met many faces there including his best friend Rellik NightHawk.  Revon then served the Jedi Order there for 3 months before he became a Padawan of Master Kenobi.  He trained with him for about 1 month before he was summoned before the Council to be a Knight of NJoA.  Revon then passed his Jedi trials and was with NJoA for another month before chaos broke loose.  The Masters started to leave and abandon NJoA because of the imposters on the planet and Revon fled too.

Revon then walked in darkness for the next 5 months, not wielding a lightsaber, until one day he met a man named Jos Nelsh.  He said he had just started a group of Jedi and would like Revon to join.  Revon then pondered this and he thought about it for about 1 month before he finally accepted.

Revon Talish joined ORJ as a Knight, and eventually retired. He re-joined and now serves the Order under the name
Agen Frost.
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Knight's Cross
2nd Master Saberist Ribbon

Clan Tourney
April 2004
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