Medal of Honour
Name: Agen Frost
AKA: ORJ_Revon (Revon Talish), NJoA_Pyro
Zone Name: ORJ_Frost_
Character Age: 24
Skin: Plo / C.Plo
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Orange
Born/from: Dorin
Personality: Funny, Serious, Questioning

Fighting Style: Force User, Offensive/Defensive
Known Lightsaber Forms: Soresu (Form III), Ataru (Form IV), Djem So (Form V)
Preferred Lightsaber Form: Djem So (Form V)

Fav. JK Fighting Grounds: Saberdome Minimus,
Valley of the Jedi Tower
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds: N/A
Quote: ďA lightsaber in the hands of a novice is more hurtful
to themselves than to their opponent, but in the hands of a Jedi it is like an artistís brush, elegant and graceful.Ē

Instant Messenger:
Homepage: None


History:  Agen Frost grew up on the planet Dorin with his family of 3.  His father Krien Frost was a powerful Jedi who was a part of the Great Jedi Purge, that took place as Agen was of a young age. 

When Agen grew up and was of the age of 13, his mother Tyul gave him his fathers lightsaber.  She said she was supposed to give it to him once he was of a decent age.  The sleek lightsaber hilt shined as the light from the sun fell onto it.  Agen pushed the ignitor and an Orange blade shot out of the lens.  His mother then told him all about his father and how he was killed in the Jedi Purge, and that Agen was Force Sensitive and he should continue on the family name as a Jedi Knight. 

Agen then traveled the galaxy searching for a Jedi Academy when he came upon Luke Skywalker's Academy, but didn't agree with Luke's teachings, so he left.  It has been 5 years since he has searched for a Jedi Organization when he came upon the Order of Reborn Jedi.  A group of Jedi who are outcasts that have figured out their use of the force.  Agen enrolled and is now a fulfilled Jedi Knight in the Order.
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Knight's Cross
2nd Master Saberist Ribbon

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April 2004
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