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November 26, 2001 ::: New Members

OK, we have 1 new member, DBlade_Alitaes. -Outlaw

November 25, 2001 ::: Changes of Positions

Well, Tuck has handed his position over to me, Outlaw. I am honored to be leader of this once lively clan, I will try to bring it back to life. Tucker himself is now Second in Command, and will still edit the site. -Outlaw

September 25, 2001 ::: Air Force Owns DarkBlade

Lol. Both Fritz and Apollo have changed their names to the names of fighter planes. Fritz is 'DBlade_Eagle' now. Lol sorry about the Air Force stuff. -Tuck

September 23, 2001 ::: Apollo goes Jurassic

Due to Zone problems, Apollo has changed his name to 'DBlade_Raptor'. Way to go Jimmy! -Tuck

September 17, 2001 ::: Members... missing?

Wow. We had quite a few members but none of them seem to be checking in regularly. If one of you members who have been labeled "missing" on the Members page, please email me just to make sure you are alive. -Tuck

August 25, 2001 ::: "Here they come..."

Man, I'm gone one night and everybody wants to join. Well, anyway, we have 4 new members:

August 21, 2001 ::: New Members

We have two new members, DBlade_EnDtrAil and DBlade_MasterMa. -Tuck

August 3, 2001 ::: New Member

We have a new member, DBlade_Weezer. -Tuck

August 1, 2001 ::: New DarkBlade Site

Welcome to the brand new DarkBlade site. The content is still pretty much the same, but the design is way different. Perhaps for the better? Well anyway, we are now an Imperial based clan with Imperial rankings. -Tuck

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