October 6, 2000-Kain
Hi. Noghri and I just won the clan's first challenge on the Zone, against the Element Clan Sorry I haven't been available, but we can practice this weekend.

September 28, 2000-Kain
Hello. Lightbringer has left the clan, and I've erased all traces of his existence. I can't express enough the importance of two things: visit the page and forum daily and follow any instructions on this page, and please post all of your kills on the forum! Noghri and I will stop counting kills if you do not post them on the forum. Also, a LND tournament is coming up, so start preparing.

September 26, 2000-DarkNoghri
Whats up everyone! Anyone who does not have the Guns Training level needs to get it, and the Element Saber Training level. These two levels will be the main places where we will play to advance your rank. Try to check the page everyday, and email me or Kain with any suggestions, or mistakes. There are a couple 2vs2 tournements coming up, and I would appreciate everyone's input on it. Post your responses in the forum. I'll see you guys later. Peace Out!!

September 25, 2000-Kain
I just password-protected the Members Only page. I'll be sending the password and instructions to everyone via E-mail. Remember to get logins for the chatroom and post them on the forum!

September 24, 2000-Kain
I've just created our forum and our chatroom. From now on, all individual scores from practice are to be posted on the forum. Every couple days, Noghri and I will add them up and put the results on your profiles (the members only page goes more in-depth.) Please follow Lightbringer's example of putting the number of kills and Guns or Sabers in the subject line. Also, if you'd like to make any complaints/suggestions/comments about the clan, that's the place to do it. Also, everyone needs to create a login name on the chatroom. If it won't let you in, it means someone has already taken that name. Please post the logins you create on the forum (even if they are the same as your clan name.) For example, Kain was taken, so I used Kain523, my Zone ID.

September 22, 2000-Kain
Hello all. This is Kain (a.k.a. Frodo), cofounder of The Order of Dragoons. I just got the page up this evening, and it's under some MAJOR construction currently. We (DarkNoghri and I) are currently looking to recruite players who specialize in guns and sabers. If you are interested, please contact me at or DarkNoghri at

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