Name: Tsukasa Daren
AKA: Tsuk
Zone Name: ORJ_Tsukasa
Character Age: 15
Skin: Sen
Fav. Saber: Lightstaff
Saber Color: Light Blue
Born/from: Hoth VI
Personality: Wise, Nice
Fighting Style: Cautious
Quote: "Better to have it then not need it and not have it."

Instant Messenger:

History: Tsukasa is pretty well fitting to The Order. He came in as an acolyte but was a strong and a good fighter. His skills were noticed by Jos and Corda, and it was decided that Corda would give him training. They trained for days until Tsukasa was ready for his Jedi Knight Trials, and he passed them.

So it contnued like that for awhile. Jedi Knight Tsukasa fighting people and continuing on in the Order, until one day Corda decided it was time to retire. They said their farewells to him and Tsukasa gained Corda's place in the Jedi Knight Council.
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