Name: Scarab Striker
AKA: None
Zone Name: ORJ_ScaraB
Character Age: 15
Skin: Hiwayman
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Blue
Born/from: Coruscant
Personality: Adventurous, wise
Fighting Style: Cautious
Quote: None

Instant Messenger:
Homepage: None

History: Scarab Striker was not always as wise as he is now. He never understood what kindness meant, as he was not treated well in his youth. He was born on Coruscant, and tried to earn a living by working in a bar. The Jedi Order was merely a myth to this young lad, until fate intervened.

Two men wrapped in cloaks, seeking information, came to him one day. Whatever it was they said, one cannot say, but it made him realize what he was meant to be, or so he thought. The two men were actually Sith Lords, and they were looking for apprentices. When they found this one, they were amazed that they had not noticed him before. The Sith took Scarab with them, and taught him the ways of the dark, but Scarab did not feel that this was right.

Soon he became a padawan, trying to the best to please his masters, that was until he met Master Windu, who saw the power in him, but felt a strange aura of dark and light about him. It was here that Scarab saw where he was meant to be. He ran up towards Windu and begged for him to take his life, as he had done wrong. As soon as the Sith saw this, they took it upon themselves to kill the apprentice, but this was not to be. The lad went into a frenzy, and attacked the sith with great speed. It was enough to destroy them.

Almost losing himself, Scarab suddenly went cold, and then blacked out, to awaken at the Jedi Council. This is where he was told about the light and dark sides of the force. From that day on, Scarab Striker became an apprentice to the Jedi Order.
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ORJ Insanity Award
awarded for inventing the: 
-'frog leap',
-'death by door',
-'malfunctioning saber'

...and all the other madness
that is just too much to mention...=)
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