Name: Quinlan Frael
AKA: None
Zone Name: ORJ_Quinlan1
Character Age: 15
Skin: J. Luke
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Green
Born/from: Cloud City
Personality: Laid back, friendly and understanding
Fighting Style: Cautious and quick.
Quote: "If you want to taste the ground feel free to attack me."

Instant Messenger:
Homepage: None

History: Quinlan was born on Cloud City. Since he had no father and his mother died giving birth, he was adopted by a family called the Duros that lived on Wroona. During a Imperial raid of the city that Quinlan lived in, he was found by the empire. The empire took him and made him work at Kuat shipyards. After five years he was recruited into the Empire as a pilot.

After two years of serving under the Empire, Quinlan learned that his adopted parents were hunted down and killed by the Empire. Quinlan quit the Empire and joined the Rebublic. Soon after the Order of the Reborn Jedi recruited him and began giving him training to become a Jedi.
Quinlan's Profile
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