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401. Co-op @
Chaos Eternal
JoS found himself surrounded by strange creatures!

402. Co-op @ Chaos Eternal
But Frost was there to help him out...

403. Co-op @ Chaos Eternal
...and the tombs were silent again...

404. Co-op @  JK Co-op
Casoth and JoS making short work of some Tusken Raiders.

405. Co-op @  JK Co-op
In the distance, Kai finishes a Tusken with a backstab, while Jos stabs one in the chest and Casoth is flipping over to finish the last one...  =D

406. Co-op @  JK Co-op
They had to sever some limbs in the process! (lol)

407. Dueling @
ORJ Secret Temple - Preview I (Dedicated Server)
Frost landing on JoS'  stomach... OW! Nice one!

408. Co-op @ JK Co-op
The picture pretty much says it all....  JoS: "I hate it when he does that."
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