Name: Orchaid
Zone Name:
Character Age:
Fav. Saber:
Saber Color:
Dark Blue
Serious, calm and strong
Fighting Style: Defensive, Opportunitive
Fav. JK Fighting Grounds:
Caesar's Palace
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds: N/A

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."

Instant Messenger:

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Born in the rich part Coruscant. His parents were killed when he was five by a deranged Jedi named Nero. Nero believed Orchaid to be the completion of a prophecy that said an orphaned boy would lead a revolution against the Sith and win. So Nero killed the young boy's parents as he stood there watching. Orchaid did not cry during the gruesome scene. He only stood there watching. He was filled with an intense anger. Orchaid then lashed at Nero in a incredible rage, but the Jedi grabbed a nearby kitchen knife and slashed the boys face, and knocked him unconscious. When Orchaid awakened Nero was gone, and his parents bloody bodies were laying 5 feet away from him. Orchaid ran out of the house and found his way into the slums, and lived in a small box he had found. He lived in the box for 10 years, fighting for his food. Often being beaten to near death. He developed a hatred for the universe and for everything in it.

Until one day he went looking for food in the upper levels of Coruscant, he was basically starved and began begging in desperation. Then an Imperial Officer by the name of Colonel Drake, came to the thin but amazingly muscular young Orchaid and told him to come with him. Drake fed, cleaned, dressed, and let Orchaid rest. Orchaid immediately became very attached to Drake because he so far was the only one in his life to actually care for him. Drake adopted Orchaid and took him all over the galaxy. Orchaid watched as his father crushed any Rebels that stood against him. But in a battle on Theed two Jedi arrived and came after Drake. The older Jedi was named Nero, the younger Jedi was named Ixual. Ixual was Nero's padawan. Nero who was before insane had been cured of his insanity and began a new life trying to correct his past deeds. He did not recognize Orchaid, but Orchaid did recognize Nero. Orchaid was filled with that same fury that ran through him as a boy, but he decided to let Drake kill his parents murderer not knowing the strength of the Jedi. Nero told his padawan Ixual to fight Drake. Ixual ignited his light saber, but an explosion knocked the padawan down and knocked his light saber out of his hand and the saber rolled towards Orchaid. Nero concerned for his padawan who he loved very much lit his light saber and ran at Drake. Drake was struck down a moment later. Nero walked back to his padawan who had recovered by then and was sitting on the ground. Nero examined him smiled and asked "where is your light saber?" Ixual replied "it rolled over there near that young man." Nero walked over to Orchaid who had just seen another loved one killed in front of him by the same man who murdered his parents. He was holding the saber in his hand. Orchaid was filled with a rage unseen before. Nero came to Orchaid smiled at him and said "Don't worry young man this evil man has been killed you are ok." Orchaid ran over to Ixual and ignited the saber at the padawan's throat and held it there. Orchaid then asked Nero -who was in shock- if he remembered a young boy of whom he killed the parents and gave him a scar across his face. Nero looked at the scar on Orchaid's face and stood there completely stunned. After a moment Nero said "I'm sorry for what I did I was insane in those days please forgive me and release the boy". Orchaid screamed back at him "your sorry? Sorry does not bring back my parents or fix all that has been done to me on the account of you. You killed the only people I ever loved, now I have a question for you." Nero said quietly with tears in his eyes: "yes?" Orchaid yelled back: "Do you love this boy more than anyone else?" Nero looked up and said: "Yes, I do, he is like a son to me." Orchaid had an evil look in his eye and said "Good." Orchaid swung the saber at the young padawan's head and killed the boy in cold blood. Nero screamed in anguish for his padawan and ran at Orchaid with his saber ignited. The two fought. Nero was an accomplished Jedi Knight, but Orchaid was filled with a lifetime of hatred and anger. The dark side ran through him very strongly. Orchaid had severed Nero's arm in which he held his saber. Nero was on his knees crying for his padawan. Orchaid walked to him with the lightsaber still ignited. Nero pleaded for Orchaid to show mercy. Orchaid looked into the teary eyes and told him "o.k." Orchaid walked away as Nero thanked him while still on his knees. Then Orchaid swiftly turned around and threw the ignited saber at Nero. The saber beheaded Nero and he died on that field on Theed.

Orchaid feeling he had gotten his revenge, enlisted in the Imperial Army. He kept the light saber with him at all time. He had joined the Special Forces and became a skilled sharpshooter, he received many medals from the Emperor for his skill in battle. The Emperor sensed the dark side in Orchaid and ordered Darth Vader to find a Sith to train him. Darth Vader decided on a Sith named Dragon. Dragon trained Orchaid in the ways of the Dark Side. Orchaid became very strong and became a Sith Knight very quickly. Then one day he was meditating in his chambers and he received a vision of his parents, they were Jedi and hoped Orchaid would be the same. They then appeared to him and told them how sorry they were about the life he had been given, but they told him that the Dark Side was evil and would lead only to pain they also told him of a Jedi named Rave they said he could help you. Orchaid filled with grief sought out Rave at the planet where the Jedi of Camelot resided. Rave welcomed Orchaid into their clan and he began retraining in the ways of the Light Side. He became a Jedi Knight, but the Jedi of Camelot disbanded and Orchaid was once again alone. For several months he wandered around being a solo Jedi trying to help others that he could. He then met the Jedi of the Order of the Reborn Jedi. He befriended them and after a few months he joined there group. He now lives and fights only to correct the terror he had caused. He still has the young padawan's dark blue saber, which is the one he uses to honor the young boy.
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