Name: Kai Jai
AKA: Lee, Andy
Zone Name: ORJ_Kai
Character Age: 18
Skin: Kai
Fav. Saber: Lightstaff
Saber Color: Blue
Born/from: Tatooine
Personality: Nice, friendly, fun

Fighting Style: Focused, patient, cautious
Known Lightsaber Forms: Djem So (Form V)
Preferred Lightsaber Form: Djem So (Form V)

Quote: "Jeet Kune Do is simply to simplify. All other forms, Kung Fu, Karate, etc solidify what was once fluid."

Instant Messenger:
Homepage: None

History: Kai Jai grew up on Tatooine with his father, Lee Jun Fan. He started his training as a Jedi at 5 years old. He was a quick learner, so he became skilled with the lightsaber quickly. When he was 15 he graduated from Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy, following the Light side. Currently he wanders the galaxy, giving help when needed.

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