Knight's Cross
Name: Jos Nelsh
AKA: None
Callsign: Maniac
Zone Name: ORJ_JoS
Character Age: 25
Skin: B. Obiwan/ J. Obiwan
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Colour: Purple, Light Blue
Born/from: Myrkr
Personality: Friendly, humorous

Fighting Style: True saberist
Known Lightsaber Forms: Soresu (Form III),
Ataru (Form IV), Djem So (Form V)
Preferred Lightsaber Form: Ataru (Form IV)

Fav. JK Fighting Grounds:
Temple (
Stories Untold Level Pack), Theft on Nar Shaddaa (Co-op), Coruscant Arena 1 , The Catacombs (Chaos Eternal) (Co-op)
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds: Reactor, Cloud City

Quote: "I'll wait for you on Nar Shaddaa..."


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Jos grew up on Myrkr, where his mother, a Jedi Knight who fought in the Clone Wars, had fled from Emperor Palpatine's Jedi Purge. On Myrkr live the Ysalimiri, creatures with an innate ability to 'push' away the presence of the Force. It proved to be a safe planet to hide. However, he lost both his parents in a tragic accident when he was still very young. Jos was not aware of his ability in the Force, and worked for Talon Karrde's smuggling operation for some time. One day, he got stuck in Nar Shaddaa in his first off-planet mission.


On a night in Nar Shaddaa, when Jos was cornered by two Grans with blasters, he knew not what to do but draw his mother's saber. As he switched it on, one of the Grans fired two bolts and he instantly fended the shots off with his lightsaber, his hands guided by the Force now that he was far away from the Ysalamiri. The second bolt hit the Gran in its head, causing the other to flee in terror.

He had discovered the Force and started experimenting with it, slowly sharpening his skills with the use of it. He stole a spaceship from KaíPa the Hutt and fled from Nar Shaddaa, but the Hutt hired three Dark Jedi apprentices to hunt him down. In an attempt to find Kyle Katarn, a rumored new Jedi Knight, he made his way to the planet of the Valley of the Jedi, but the Dark Jedi were on his trail and cornered him in a canyon oasis, a place from which there seemed to be no escape. Three Dark Jedi proved to be far too much for Jos, and as death was almost upon him, he suddenly saw a man who handled his bright blue lightsaber with unequaled grace and skill. He took down all the Dark Jedi within seconds, saving Jos.


He introduced himself as
Evol Live, an old-time Master Jedi who had been inactive for a long time. They became very good friends and for a considerable period they traveled the galaxy together, visiting many places, fighting enemies.
One of these enemies was a light Jedi Master
, who in fact was a dark Jedi in disguise. He used the lightside of the Force, but was able to assume different identities, weaving an evil web of intrigue and mistrust. Evol discovered that this evil Jedi was using the Forbidden Power (cheating) to be invincible, but managed to chase him away. Evol took Jos on as his Padawan but suddenly disappeared without a trace, right after they founded the Order of Reborn Jedi.
Jos had to complete his training on his own, and decided to carry on his Masterís mission: the founding of a new Jedi Order.


Jos trained himself, and his skills improved rapidly. He developed several different fighting styles, with which it seemed to him like he could beat anyone. One day, in the
Temple of Stories Untold, he met a warrior whom Jos could not defeat, no matter how hard he tried. His pride damaged, and having grown overconfident and arrogant because of his skills, Jos gave in to his anger and fell to the dark side. Confused by the treachery of the evil Jedi, he wrongly accused this warrior of being him in disguise, and of using the Forbidden Power (Cheating). Jos warned all the Jedi about the warrior, thinking that he was doing good in doing so, but unaware of the fact that he was actually destroying his reputation. The warrior tried to prove his innocence to Jos, but Jos remained stubborn. Even worse, there were some who tried to fuel the conflict between them. They settled into an uneasy peace, avoiding eachother. After a period of reconsideration for both Jos and the warrior, Shada Ciss and Tsukasa Daren convinced Jos to give him a second chance, saying that Master Evol would have wanted him to. Jos and the warrior settled the conflict, and over time Jos came to realize that he had been wrong. He voted for the warrior to join the Order of Reborn Jedi, because he felt it was the only way he could make up for his lost honour. Jos vowed never to make that same mistake again and so escaped the clutch of the dark side.


Today, Jos strives to be a more modest man, passing on to his fellow Jedi what he has learned from falling to the dark side. His experiences have given him a lot of insight in the ways of the Force. Currently, Jos is devoting a lot of his time to building a large hidden temple complex in honour of his lost master. The Temple is to become the home of the Reborn Jedi, a place where they live, practise, train and study the Force.
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Roleplaying Award
Master's Cross
Supreme Master Saberist Medal -
3rd Official Clan Tourney - Fall 2005
1st Master Saberist Ribbon - 3rd Official Clan Tourney - Fall 2005
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