Name: Erica Jade
AKA: Toko Hikaru
Zone Name: ORJ_Jade
Callsign: Angel
Character Age: 29
Skin: Luuz
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Blue
Born/from: Dantooine
Personality: Caring, easy going, friendly, and fun loving
Fighting Style: Unpredictable
Quote: "Take it one day at a time."

Instant Messenger:

Jade was born on Dantooine four years before the Empire rose to power. Soon after her parents' death from an unknown force, Jade was found by a few compassionate Jedi Padawans. They took her to their Jedi Masters,  who in turn took them to the Jedi Council, where she was tested. She passed the test with flying colors. She did indeed have the Force within her, but before she could begin her training, the Empire began to eradicate the Jedi. Jade fled in her starfighter to Naboo, where she could live out her days safe and in peace. Soon after the New republic was formed Jade was Found By the Order of Reborn Jedi where she was taken under the wing of ORJ_JoS. She has been with the Order ever since.
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