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1st Master Saberist Ribbon

Clan Tourney
April 2004
Supreme Master Saberist Medal

Clan Tourney
April 2004
Name: Rouves Hawke
AKA: Trance, Invincible Runt
Callsign: Wolfeye
Zone Name: ORJ_Hawke_
Character Age: 13
Skin: Nomi/ Vima
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Gold, Purple
Born/from: Ord Mantell
Personality: Loner, Comic

Fighting Style: Fast Paced
Known Lightsaber Forms: Ataru (Form IV), Vaapad (Form VII)
Preferred Lightsaber Form: Ataru (Form IV)

Quote: "Millions of thoughts, millions of ways, who can think when you don't, have but a day?"
Fav. JK Fighting Grounds: Hawke's Personal Training Room
ORJ Secret Temple - Preview)
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds: The Shadow Estate

Instant Messenger:
Homepage: None

History:  Rouves was born on Ord Mantell to a family that included only her parents. Her father was a former Imperial Pilot, and her mother was a strong imperial supporter. She was banned at 6 years old, because she was caught stealing. Her parents didn't fight for her, and so she was taken from her home on Ord Mantell.

She was dropped off on Tatooine, and sent to a foster home. She ran away once, but was caught and brought back. She ran away a second time when she was older, around 8, this time, successful. She lived by herself for quite sometime until she met a man named Trey, who took her in and gave her a home. Although it was on a ship, she was happy, but only for a few months. Trey was caught smuggling, but somehow the blame was put on Rouves, and she was arrested.

Trey helped her out of prison, and she was released, but only to find out he was the exchange for her release. 2 years later, when she was able to pilot a ship herself, she went to Corellia. She was very suprised when she landed, because her friend Trey was there with two men.

She went to greet her friend and found out that the two men with him were Jedi that had helped Trey escape. They sensed that Rouves was unusualy strong in the force. They took her to the Reborn Jedi Colony where they gave her a place to stay, and a lightsaber, which she was able to use quite naturally, considering she was only a small girl.

She trained over the years, and learned very fast, as if she'd been training for meny years, after 3 years of training every day, the council noticed her improved knowledge and concentration in the ways of the force, and made her one of the jedi council. She is now the youngest jedi on any council, at the age of 13.
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