Name: Evol Live
AKA: Unknown
Zone Name: ORJ_Evol_Live
Character Age: Unknown, older Jedi
Skin: O.Budo / Shin
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Light blue
Born/from: Unknown
Personality: Comic, friendly, sportive
Fighting Style: Galant, extremely fluent
Fav. JK Fighting Grounds: Saberdome Minimus
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds: Unknown
Quote: "I hate ubers lol ... They piss me off lol"
           "Playing with mouse will make you a much better Jedi lol ...
             Aim and what not"

E-mail: Unknown
Instant Messenger: Unknown
Homepage: Unknown


Evol has played JK ever since it was released. He was in many clans, a Master Saberist in one of them. He left Nar temporarily because of 'invading ubers' (lol). He came back from JO for JK (which he liked better) and became friends with Jos and Ciss. After a couple of months of playing every saberlevel they could find (and slaying ubers along the way), Jos and Evol decided to build a new clan. Evol came up with the name 'Order of Reborn Jedi' which is actually a very funny name if you have ever played Jedi Outcast (JO). In retrospect, I think this was just one of those things that were typical for Evol's sense of humour. Without any apparent reason, he just vanished, pretty short after starting up ORJ (We had just started try-outs). I simply never saw him in Nar Shaddaa again, nor did he ever respond to e-mails. I am still hoping for him to get back, for I dearly miss this incredibly fun-to play-with friend.

Information submitted by ORJ_JoS
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ORJ Secret Temple special preview shot - Courtesy of ORJ_JoS
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