Name: Fisro Corda
AKA: None
Zone Name: ORJ_Corda
Character Age: 21
Skin: Mosep/ C. Mosep
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Blue
Born/from: Unknown
Personality: Knowledgable
Fighting Style: Extremely fast paced
Quote: "May the force be with you."

Instant Messenger:

History: One day, a long time ago, corda was exploring anicent cave that had been deserted, and unexplored for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of years. He came across an artifact that was obviously made by the jedi, but was unknown to the untrained eye, so he took it along with him for studying.

While nearing the end of the last tunnel out of the cave, he noticed a ship right outside and 3 men, dressed in long dark cloaks. It wasn't long before the men spoted him. They attacked Corda, taking his artifact and nearly killing him.

He woke up, washed up along side a river, which ran past a castle. He was soaking wet, cold, and had no memory of what happened. He was unable to walk, and passed out from the heat and exaustion. When he awoke, he found himself in a bacta tank that was inside the large castle.

When he came to, two men (Master Lars and Master Rann) told him about their castle, it's history, and it's people. They told him about the New Jedi of Avalon.  It wasn't long until he was back to full health.  The two Jedi trained Fisro Corda in the art of the lightsaber. Later though, the jedi at Avalon explained that he was in danger there, and they couldn't protect themselves properly. And so they sent him to a small Jedi Colony known as the Order of Reborn Jedi.
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