Ciss' Profile
Name: Shada Ciss
AKA: NJoA_Ciss, Riotsister
Callsign: Riotsister
Zone Name: ORJ_Ciss
Character Age: 32
Skin: Shada/ Emi Khan
Fav. Saber: Regular
Saber Color: Light Blue
Born/from: Southern Underground on Coruscant
Personality: Open-minded, helpful, straightforward

Fighting Style: Offensive, fluent and elegant
Known Lightsaber Forms: Djem So (Form V), Vaapad (Form VII)
Preferred Lightsaber Form: Djem So (Form V)

Fav. JK Fighting Grounds: Valley of the Jedi Tower
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds: Carbon Freeze Chamber
e: "There is no ignorance...there is knowledge."

MSN Messenge

y: Shada Ciss spent her childhood in the Undergrounds of Coruscant. She had neither memory of her parents nor somebody around to look out for her. Her life was tough, but because of her will to survive she managed to stay on her feet. She did just about anything to get food. First she begged, but that did not really satisfy her stomach. After that she fought for food with other kids. That did not do much good either. So she started to steal food. And it appeared she had quite a talent for this. She learned how to pickpocket people and snatch apples from marketplace. It did not take long before the secret rogue society in the Undergrounds discovered her talents.

A man called Crimson Ratatulio kidnapped her and forced her to work for the Red Cloak Rogue Society. She ran away many times, but every time they managed to catch her. After a few years she accepted her fate and worked herself up to Master Thief under the code name of RiotSister. She became the right hand of the leader Danzel ‘No Hands’ Orbiton, a vicious Twi’lek who wanted to obtain a lightsaber very dearly.

One day he gave her the assignment of stealing a lightsaber from Castle Avalon, the place where the New Jedi of Avalon had their headquarters. So Shada went through the mists of Avalon in search of this castle. Without even being aware that she was using the Force to see through the mist she managed to find it and even sneak into the castle. She moved silently through the castle, but when she entered the room where the lightsaber was supposed to be, a Jedi noticed her. He watched what she was doing and when Shada reached for the lightsaber he Force Pulled the lightsaber towards him. Shada grabbed a candelabra from the table and they got into a fight. Shada fought for her life, but the Jedi was strong. In a desperate attempt to slay her opponent, Shada threw the candelabra at him. But it was no use. He simply stepped aside and pushed her to the ground with his lightsaber on her throat. Instead of cutting her throat the Jedi stepped back and told her he would spare her life. Shada would have rather died, because in exchange for her life she had to serve the New Jedi of Avalon for the rest of her days.

The Jedi who spared her life was called Fisro Corda. At first Shada was very unhappy, but after getting used to the customs of living on Castle Avalon she started to feel more at peace. At least she did not have to steal anymore. And most people in the castle treated her nicely, which was something she had rarely experienced before. She started to enjoy this simple life and after a while she fulfilled her job without complaining.

Sometimes when she was all alone in the saber area she practiced a little bit of fighting to keep herself fit. But she made sure nobody saw her doing that, because, after all, she was only a servant. One day when she was on her knees cleaning the dueling pad, somebody suddenly tossed a lightsaber towards her and she caught it. When she looked up she saw it was Master Salk. Master Salk was most impressed that she caught the saber and instantly recognized her Jedi reflexes.

He took her as his Padawan and trained her until she became a very skillful fighter. Shada was very happy and did not think about her life in the Undergrounds anymore. She realized it was her way in the Force that had made her survive all along. After becoming a Jedi she was free again and able to go where she wanted. As a Jedi she got an assignment to go to Nar Shaddaa to find out what the Sith were doing there. When she arrived there, things happened very fast. As soon as she got off her ship, Crimson Ratatulio noticed her. He wanted her to come back to the Red Cloaked Rogue Society again. She told him she would never do that, but he drugged her with sleeping gas. Fortunately there was a man working on his ship nearby and saw all that happened. He pulled out a lightsaber and when Crimson saw this, he ran away. The man gently picked Shada up and took care of her till she woke up again. When she did, he told her his name was Master Evol Live and that he and his padawan Jos were founding the Order of Reborn Jedi. They became friends and they helped Shada in finding out what the Sith were up to in Nar Shaddaa.

Tragically, when Shada went back for Castle Avalon she could not find it in the mists. Avalon seemed to have sunken in the mists and was not to be found again. She searched and searched, but until this day she did not find Avalon again nor Master Salk...  Not knowing what to do she went back to Nar Shaddaa to speak to her new friends, Master Evol and Jos. When she arrived there, she met Jos and he told her that Master Evol had suddenly disappeared. Shada could hardly bear the news of the great loss of her loving friends. First Avalon…now Master Evol… but she decided to continue her quest in fighting injustice and all that is evil. She joined Jos in building the Order of Reborn Jedi and is still there fighting for Peace and Justice in the Galaxy. She turned out to be very wise and got chosen to serve on the Council.

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