Knight's Cross
Name: Josda Casoth
Zone Name: ORJ_Casoth_
AKA: NJoA_Calldo, The Jedi Sojourner
Callsign: Sabre
Character Age: 17
Skin: Anakin
Fav. Saber: Lightstaff
Saber Color: Blue
Born/from: Alderaan
Personality: Slightly impetuous, adventurous

Fighting Style: Acrobatic
Known Lightsaber Forms: Ataro (Form IV)
Preferred Lightsaber Form: Ataro (Form IV)

Quote: "My ally is the Force."

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History: Josda Casoth was born on Alderaan shortly before the planet's destruction by the first Death Star. His mother, an Imperial supporter and a member of the Alderaanian aristocracy, had taken him to visit relatives on Corellia. When she heard of Alderaan's destruction, she left Casoth with her relatives and went to Coruscant to protest, a trip from which she never returned.

Casoth continued living on Corellia until he was fifteen, when he left in the middle of the night. He stowed away on a ship bound for Tatooine, where he took on various jobs. It was there that he was discovered by a Jedi Knight from the secret colony on Avalon. The Jedi, recognized that Casoth had the ability to use the Force,and took him to Avalon,where he spent ten months training and constructing a lightsaber.

When Casoth left Avalon in a T-65C X-wing given him by the colony, he spent a year wandering the galaxy, taking on the name 'The Jedi Sojourner'. At the end of that time he came across Fisro Corda, whom he recognized from his time on Avalon. Corda took him to the Reborn Jedi colony, where he became a member of the Order of Reborn Jedi, and has remained since.
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