Name: Alkia Benways
Callsign: Frawn
Zone Name:
Character Age:
Fav. Saber:
Saber Color:
Thyferra (True Home World Unknown)
Wise, Generous
Fighting Style:
Fav. JK Fighting Grounds:
Fav. MotS Fighting Grounds:
“Either your emotions and thoughts, of others as well as your own, control or guide you, is your choice alone.”

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At a young age Alkia never knew who he really was inside.  His mind was always in chaos, and grew up to be a quiet person.  At the age of 17 his parents bought him his first ship which he named the "Victory".  This ship meant a lot to him and meant even a bit more when he met his mechanic's daughter Ela.  Soon the two of them fell in love and were married 2 years later, but Alkia still felt empty inside.  Only 3 months in their marriage Alkia told Ela he was going to find himself, and he didn't know when he would be back.  He took the "Frawn", his YT-1300 class shuttle and left, but was soon hi-jacked by Bounty Hunters who believed his ship to be Han Solo's.  When they boarded, they were angered to learn that it wasn't and they were about to kill Alkia, when one of them recognized him, and that's when Alkia learned who he really was.  They told him he was a clone of the famous Obi-Wan Kenobi and that he was a Force adept.  Knowing this, the Bounty Hunters took Alkia with them and started to train him in what little they knew of the Force, to make him become a Sith Bounty Hunter.  Alkia was one of the best and was often used for hunting down other Jedi.  One day Alkia passed by a planet where he felt a Jedi presence and he landed on the planet to encounter other Jedi, and they defeated him.  When he woke up he was afraid, but their leader, Corran Lightstaff, showed him the ways of the Jedi and he became a student at Castle Avalon. While there, he contacted his wife.  She was happy to know he was still alive and was surprised to hear all about his story.  He also made his way up the ranks in Avalon, until 3 years later he was their Lead Council Member, making decisions that affected the clan.  But eventually he left to go back to Thyferra, his home, to his wife, who one year later had a child who they named Desmin. Now Alkia has gone back to train with the Jedi of the Order of Reborn Jedi.
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