Well....its been a while since someone edited the page....but...back to business....  We are going to be checking members now...to see who is with us and all.  If you have been a member with NAS before sign up in the forum (now labeled "Join"), and just say in the comments box tha you where so....  Please fill it out as fully as possible.
       Also, if you are a member or are joining, and don't have ICQ, try to get it.  We are generaly on it more than on our zone friends, so we would be able to comunicate more often.
Well...not much new News.  If you have a personal webpage that you want posted, tell me on the message board.  Also, if you are thinking of making a pack for NAS, great, but you will have to talk to NAS_Sub_Boy. 
Now that the page is together, I am going to try to work on it till it fits suiting.  I am going to link to the old message board for now so that we can make contact.  Feel free to go and talk on it when ever about what ever.  Also, if you want you would tell me where you are from so I can get your country's flag up at the top. (if it is not already there)
Right now this page is still under construction but when I post it, would anyone please give me some more music ideas and places to get them.  And please make shure that they are give them away for free, becuase I don't want to be spend major bucks on music I don't know about. (I am going to be getting a meesage board some time).