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The Noghri Terror Squad

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Halls 'O Death  

NTS Levels:
NTS Levelpack A decent pack of 6 levels, lots of fun!

Delta Green

Noghri Teamskins fantastic Noghri teamskins made for us by JK_Elcor

Other Levels:
Massassi Level Pack 3 UT? No....just JEDv95 and some kickass designers!

Massassi CTF Pack I know,CTF...but wait till you see these baby's!

Jedi's High School - PeD_HeAd 11724 downloads at Massassi...I think that says it all...

Clad 65 - Ozzarref Reminds me of the first time I played Jedi Dojo (Tee)

Jedi Dojo - Tee Iv U donot try zis I vill taunt u a second tzim!

Cerberus - Masq Sweet, small, compact and bieatiful

Halls 'O Death ( See screenshot ;P)