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The Noghri Terror Squad

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*chopchopchop* Thou shalt never take me alive muahaha... Nimrod takes a brave stand as the immense undead hordes advance for the kill...

My carreer as a stuntman was rather brief... "Simple Simon says to the pieman...give me your pies or I'll cave your head in." - CaVeMaN

*rubs eyes* what happend to you Acrist? Acrist caught hacking when he turned himseld into a bunny while playing Nimrod...BAH! HAX!

..and now to pull my, my parachute! More stunts by the fantastic AeroNim

Have to love this skin! Dude86, Noghri and Nimrod posing in various stances while using the smashing Noghri skin

Tight asses ladies! *smack* Three highly skilled and bieutiful ladies grace the NTS level, Pain:

Athena_JCS - FH_Princess - NTS_WildKat

hax Either Im stuck in carbonite or Im high on acid...

More hax! 'HMM @ JHS'

zoom mode Nice zoom picture of 3 ladies... ;P

NTS: Asylum in an uncomplete stage