Falling prey to the power of the Dark Side, hands clenched tightly around my humming lightsaber, I slice through my foe's weakened defenses, putting this noble Jedi to a long-lasting nap.

I'm not the only one who heard both halves of his body splash into the rushing sewage canal. I lurk in the shadows, yet I can hear them searching for me. I must escape--my Force is weak after such a duel.

Safe in the crowded streets of Bespin, the guards will never know I am the very murderer they seek. I am a whisper in the cold night, snickering as they approach me. I easily persuade them to search elsewhere. I cannot be stopped, not now, not ever...I will not rest until every last Jedi Knight is destroyed.

Kyle Katarn, a young Jedi Knight.

Rendered graphics in true 3D scale.

Just your not-so-friendly alien pub

Detailed space craft to explore

Huge 3D rendered aliens

Stunning sci-fi levels, don't slip