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March 4, 2001
Fixer Upper

Wow, 2001, where did all the time go? News reports that Obi-Wan, our long awaited game is going to be a console-only release, and won't be coming out for awhile. Rumors that "Jedi Knight II" is in the works, with no confirmation/denial from LEC yet. I fixed a couple of broken links on the page and straightened things up a bit. I'm hoping to get this site back on it's toes soon. eFront may afford us the chance to work on this full-time. We'll wait and see...


October 4, 1999
The Site Still Lives

Really now, it's been months, and due to problems with hosting, we haven't been able to start the site up and running with a dedicated staff as it once was. Sad as this is, it should be admitted that at least for the present, this condition will not change unless something drastic happens. Bottom line? This site will remain up for the purpose of acquiring files and information as a resource for people interested in JK/MOTS team-based games. If ObiWan supports team-based games, it will include stuff here as well. If we do get the logins and people to work on the site, we'll go back to full-time updated, etc, and run tournaments, until then, get your files, and go join a League of CTF or JediBall, or Infiltrate players.. I hear there are some real nice ones springing up recently. By all means feel free to  Email me your ideas, etc. When I get time, I'll be upgrading the site, adding better HTML stuff, adding more files, etc, as I see fit. I would be open to people sending me links to good team-based addon files as well. (hint hint)


March 15, 1999
Looking for a Few Good Jedi

Woo hoo! Aristotle finally got me the logins for the CTF Site on Now I'd like to get some dedicated people willing to run the site. One man can't do it alone anymore, it's too big. It's pretty easy to update, it just needs to be done DAILY, and the tournament needs special attention. Please contact me if you are interested in helping. I really could use your support! Let's get this site back on its feet again! Email me or ICQ: 3295836.


March 8, 1999
A Time for Change (reprinted from Ladder Page)

I finally fixed the link on the pull-down menu for's main page to our ladder page, but it does us little good at the moment except to make it painfully obvious that it's not up and running yet.

It's been a few months now of waiting for (actually not their fault, it's the sluggishness of our host, for whatever reasons). I've talked to Aristotle and we both agree that if we can't get logins and passwords for our webmasters here to run the site say in the next week we're going to simply have to move to another server. We've been considering and PlanetJedi. Let this not reflect badly on, still a great star wars gaming site, and my personal favorite, still I don't want to continue to give the CTF/KFY and team game fans the shaft by not updating the site regularly due to lack of staff. Email me your thoughts on this at my address. Thanks.


February 8, 1999
CTF Group is ready.. is

Not to diss on Aristotle, and the rest of the Staff at, because I know they are all hard workers and have other responsibilities beyond and even web pages, but what is taking so long? I've been waiting for weeks to get logins, and this is after I was told they would be given out "any day now." I'm sorry for being somewhat impatient, but I guess it's just been so long, it's kind of pointless to update when half the stuff can't get done.. because I'm just one person. That said, I'd like to commend on the speedy updates, new site look, and overall professionalism I've grown to greatly respect, and puts it in the #1 slot for all JediKnight and Star Wars gaming related sites on the web, IMHO. Now how about them logins? ; )

In the meantime members, don't let that stop you from downloading some addons, and setting up Team-based games, posting your games on the IP boards, chatting, and posting in our forum. That's what it's all about!


January 23, 1999
Site Preparation Continues, look at the changes!

Well, been busy this weekend doing household chores (ah the joys of single living!) and a bit of updating on the site. Be sure and read January 20th's news on member requirments and other important info! I hope everyone notices the buttons (if your browser supports frames) that I have updated the links on. Please take time to see all the new sites. I will be updating especially the Patches Addons section, Main/News, and Links very frequently. Explore!

Check out:





IP Server Board

Tournaments (Soon)


NEW Chatroom!

Also be sure to drop a message in the guest book.


January 20, 1999
Member Rules: Preparing for Re-Launch

It has been many months of waiting.. but soon, very soon folks, this site will again be functioning as it should with regular updates, current tournaments/contests, and updated addons/member pages. I want to make it clear I intend to update the member list (we recieved about 5 new members in the last month or so who have yet to be displayed), as well as put up the latest team-based addons for download, plus add some more links to the links section.

Also I have some Official Member Rules:

1) All members must be non-cheaters (in other words if you join you have to give up cheating if you have been, and no cheaters are permitted to remain as members). All of our tournaments will have automatic disqualifications if cheats are used.

2) Members are required to possess a valid ICQ number (UIN). ICQ is free and easy to use, and it makes orgainizing games so much easier. Persons without ICQ will be required to get it to become members. (Get it now:

3) All members are required to have a valid email address. This isn't hard either folks, and makes it easier for us to get ahold of you if there is a major change or if we need to talk to our members (who can't be reached through ICQ or otherwise). Hotmail, Juno, there are plenty of free email servers out there so there's no excuse not to have one.

4) Feedback. It's important that members let us know if the info we posted about you is incorrect, also to report your tournament standings, etc. Let us know if you want to leave the group or whatever you want. If we don't recieve feedback we assume you are perfectly happy with everything and there is no need to update your profile. We want to keep all info current.

That said, I also did some more orgainizing putting the old news at the bottom (to make extra room). I found the old news on a CD of mine.. so the oldest stuff (that got deleted by accident) will get put back (that includes the Ads and the CTF Ring banner). Hopefully in the next week or so Blue's new server will work out well and get my much needed staff back in action (I have two people willing to lend support, I could use a third). Email me if you can help out or contact me on ICQ (3295836). Thanks.


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