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•  B F P  2X  f o r  J K

BFP2X, the latest improvement on the popular skinpack that built JKMAG, and probably the most popular JK skinpack of all time is here, and is ready for mass consumption by the JK community!
With 140 new skins, including vast improvements over previous packs, 2X is a must for everyone playing online JK! Currently it is only for Jedi Knight, but a MotS version could be made if there is interest or volunteers! To download BFP2X, click here.

•  M a n o w a r  3  f o r  M o t S

New Manowar3 class: Vanguard The long awaited Manowar 3 for MotS lives at JKMAG! visit our Manowar3 pages and check it out! This is a classic mod that if you haven't tried, you need to!
It has been greatly enhanced over Manowar 2, with many new features including the Spy Cam and Teleport, and also makes full use of MotS' character classes to expand gameplay. Still with all the favorite Manowar goodies.

•  M a n o w a r  2  f o r  J K

Manowar2 In Your Face The classic mod for JK that turns you into a Mandalorian Warrior - still one of the best conversions available for the game and still the best fun! Grapple hook, Jet Pack, Big Gun - what more do we have to say? Get it here.
With 24 Mandalorian warrors, 1 massive CTF level and 2 huge deathmatch levels included - Manowar2 is a keeper that deserves a permanent place on your HD.

J K M A G  F o r u m

The Forum is where all the out of game action goes on, where we debate key issues, and most JKMAG decisions are made. Do you want a say on which levels we feature, which skins go into future BFPs? Then make yourself heard on the JKMAG forum. All are welcome! New members, don't be afraid to introduce yourselves!
It does not require registration and is easy to use.

J K  A d d - o n  G a m e s  O n l i n e

•  # J e d i K n i g h t 

This is the official Jedi Knight & Mysteries of the Sith channel on the server on mIRC. This channel was created to be used by all Jedi Knight & Mysteries of the Sith players(addon and non-addon players).

If you are interested in joining #JediKnight, make sure that you read the #JediKnight Help Section or you can join using your browser by clicking the #JediKnight link.

If you have any questions regarding #JediKnight, feel free to post a message on the JKMAG Forum, ask an @(Op) in #JediKnight or e-mail ReAcToR. Good luck and have fun. :)

•  I C Q  G A M E S

The whole point of this group is to be able to find online games using the addons we like best. We use ICQ to find online JKMAG members...

JKMAG is accepting new members - to join, fill out the Join Form.

The Member List is being regularly updated, so newbies and veteran members alike are urged to check back there frequently to add new members to your ICQ list. Soon it will be going through a member purge, so keep your eyes peeled.

•  I P  B O A R D

We have a link to the add-on IP board, and that is our official, sanctioned gaming board where you can post the IP of your add-on game so other online gamers can join in!

Don't forget to check the News Page every other day or so where our News Staff keep us up to date with the latest information concerning the group and online gaming in general.

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Your Options are Limited

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