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   01/11/01  |  Page Changes & Proposal


     As you notice we now have new scroll bars on the page --------->  please expect much much more out of this site.  Im always adding new features.  Some the end-user will never see, none-the-less they are interesting!  In other news, I have a proposal; instead of 'leaders' voting upon big clan matters (ejection of clan members or changing clan names etc.) a majority CLAN vote should be initiated.  What do you guys think...?   Please leave input on the message board.  Thanks, IJM_JimBowy




   01/08/01  |  Subzero becomes clan leader


     Subzero is creating our clan history page.  I would also like to welcome him to his new position.   After some deliberation, Dragon and I have decided to allow sub to fill the leader spot vacancy.  Today I also made a few changes to the page.  Soon, there will be a new "lamers" page, "motm" (member of the month) page, and possibly a new section below members (past members).  Finally, when I have the time, expect a new clan message board that fits the rest of the page design.   Thanks, IJM_JimBowy




   01/07/01  |  NKM and IJM, future plans


     Dragonfire and I along with other members of the clan decided the NKM deal wouldnt work out.  Thus, we called it off.  I really didnt like the idea of being sheltered under someone else's wing anyhow.  Thus, we are IJM again.  In other news, IJM_Havok (also known as IJM_HBK) has taken a leave of absence.  This doesnt mean he is gone for good (words from his mouth).  He would simply like to see what "grass is like on the other side," as he put it.  I would like to wish him well on his vacation.  Good luck Havok =P.  Finally, im not sure what the future holds for our clan.   Perhaps, we should still be thinking of other names to move into other games.   If not, I have not one problem with using the IJM tag in games that are not Star Wars oriented.  Not many people care what your tag means, they care more about the people that wear the tag.  Its the people that make the difference.  Well, thats about it for now.  Hold me to it, as this page will continue being updated.   Thanks for your patience, IJM_JimBowy






   01/01/01  |  New Year Brings About Big Changes


     I would like to welcome everyone to IJMs new webpage.  This design is fast-loading, alpha-organized, is more visually sound, and has a new forum.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please leave input on the new forum.   Thanks, IJM_JimBowy






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